Friday, March 18, 2011

I find joy in... my dog.

Today marks three months since we adopted our dog.  It has always been a hope of mine to own a dog, but I wouldn't let myself until recently for various reasons including our love of traveling and cost (how could I spend money on dog food when there are starving people in the world? still thinking about that one). 

I have a new found love of all dogs, especially mine.  I never really knew that a dog could bring such joy to a person's life through companionship, but it has been so.

Here is our dog's story.  He was born on June 2, 2009 and weighs 45.6 pounds.  He ended up in a shelter in Los Angeles where he was named "Yellow Lab."  Then, he was taken in by a rescue in San Diego and named "Winter," because they name their pets according to the season (there was also an Autumn and several reindeer named puppies).  He was then adopted into a loving home where two married folks were looking for a running and hiking companion, a dog who would be nice with children, one that was house-trained, and one that could be left alone while they were at work.  It turned out that this dog named Winter met all these requirements, plus he was cute, too.  So this couple took him home and made him a part of their family, ready to offer him a life full of love and adventure.  They even gave him a new name, which is a little strange, but they like it, because he is named after a tree and this couple sure does love trees and all things nature. And they hope to continue to enjoy him for many years to come, as long as he doesn't try to hop over five foot fences and run away from them (because apparently, he is capable of this). 

He makes every hike more fun, every run a new adventure, and every person walking by a new friend. Each person we meet has a different guess about what breed he is.  We've heard that he must be part border collie, part golden retriever, part labrador retriever, part cattle dog, part corgi, part shiba inu, or maybe something else.  Whatever he may be, he is a people lover, an adventure seeker, a long distance runner, a sprinter, and he is my first ever dog.


  1. I don't know why its been so long since I've visited your blog! And you have so many amazing, joy-filled posts. Our pup brings my husband and I so much joy. I enjoyed reading all your recent posts :)

  2. Thanks Kara! I took a long time off of blogging. :)