Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Scavenger Hunt for San Diego Street Art

Yesterday, I professed my love of San Diego, and showed some pictures of its beauty.  But San Diego is not just beautiful, it is artsy and unique.  Now, I am not the artsy type, mostly because I have no artistic talent, but I do love to look at and appreciate artwork.

The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art just opened its new exhibit entitled "Viva la Revoluci√≥n: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape," and it includes artwork in the museum and pieces throughout the city that were commissioned for the exhibit.  If you go to the museum's website, you can download a map of the art, and then you can go on a little scavenger hunt to try to find it.

Two Sundays ago, Matt and I drove around seeking out the artwork.

We started in South Park, of course, because that is the neighborhood we live in (and the best neighborhood in San Diego).  South Park was lucky enough to have a mural done by Shepard Fairey, who is best known for his iconic Obama and his Obey work.

Next, we headed to Hillcrest to see the other Shepard Fairey artwork, which critiques our consumer culture yet is ironically placed on the side of an Urban Outfitters.

Next we headed downtown.  This piece by Os Gemeos (from Brazil) is on the side of Horton Plaza.

This piece is by Swoon.

This piece is by Invader (from France).

 This eye is by JR (from France).

Here is more art we saw throughout our journey, some commissioned by the museum and some not.

Seeking out art was a very fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  If you live nearby, print out a map and go on an art scavenger hunt.

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