Friday, July 16, 2010

A Run Around Mission Bay

Today, another 10 mile run was on the calendar, which ended up being a 10.4 miler. This time it was decided by Matt that we would start at Mission Beach, run around Mission Bay, and end up again at Mission Beach to have a beach day.

Overall, it was a beautiful run, but next time, I would either just run at the beach, or just run around Mission Bay, because the transitions between the two were when things got confusing. To get back to the beach, we ran past the Sea World entrance and through the parking lot where we got strange glances from dads in Hawaiian shirts and moms with fanny packs. I think those looks were well deserved though, because it was kind of weird to be running through the nine million parking spaces at Sea World. But complaining about an awkward running transition between a beach and a bay is exactly why I love living in San Diego.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Matt's iphone, some taken in the midst of running:

Matt and I before our run:
Running along the boardwalk in Mission Beach, a silhouette am I:
Running around Mission Bay:
Me looking awkward since Matt is telling me to run slower so he can take a picture of me:
Evidence that I sweated a lot; a whole new sweat streak on my running hat:
Good things about this run:
-It was beautiful.
-Nice ocean breeze for part of it.
-I ran with the husband, which doesn't happen too often because he is faster than I am.

Bad things about this run:
-I almost fell on my face. It was pretty close.
-It was HOT, like dripping buckets of sweat hot.
-We got lost.
-Ipod fail. My ipod stopped working half way through the run, because I sweated too much on it so the volume button shorted out.

Today's run left me wondering how I could ever in my life actually run 26.2 miles. Hmmm... I suppose I will find out in 93 days.

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