Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Schools, Friends, and Sunsets in Costa Rica

It is now 9:52 p.m. Costa Rica time, and I just finished my homework, although I still have four articles to read before tomorrow. Is something wrong with this story? I think so. Our time has been full, rich, and busy. But as you can see in the pictures, not really too rough. We have had a good mixture of learning and enjoying each other's company.

To sum it up, we have been in schools, with friends, and enjoying sunsets in Costa Rica.

Schools in Costa Rica:

The University for Peace (where we study):

Anu kissing Gandhi:
The following quote says: "Happy is the Costa Rican mother who knows that her son will never become a soldier." This is because there is no army in Costa Rica. I am a fan of countries without a military.

Our Visit to a Local School, Escuela El Rodeo:

Friends in Costa Rica:

The Justice League (that is what our master's program named itself):
Marcia, Serena, me, Anu, Cheryl, and Cassidy
Enjoying a break at the University for Peace:

Sunsets in Costa Rica:

Sunday night, sunset over San Jose, view from our hotel:
Monday night, sunset over the University for Peace:
Tuesday night, view from our restaurant:

Quite beautiful.


  1. Hi Brooke,
    amazing pictures. Beautiful sunsets, beautiful children. love you! mom

  2. Dear Brooke Gonzales,
    I am a program coordinator in Kathmandu University School of Management, Nepal. I coordinate Master and Postgraduate Diploma in Security Management since 2007. We are planning to offer Certificate, Diploma and Master program in Peace and Justice Studies in near future. Therefore, I was looking out for some information on Peace and Justice edcational program. That was when and how I bumped into your blog.
    Interesting. It was only this morning that I was writing email to Dr. Dee Aker and Laura Taylor about possible collaboration. You are lively person.
    All the best wishes.

    Dr. Govind P. Thapa