Saturday, August 29, 2009

The End

I turned in my paper and presented my capstone project in front of 82 people (Matt counted).

Since I wrote the longest paper of my life to finish my degree, I thought it should have the longest title: "The Role of Education in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Case Studies on Bosnia-Herzegovina and Peru."

I am officially done with my master's degree. It is a little surreal.

Here are some pictures from Monday, our last day:

Me presenting and looking serious:

Our cohort called ourselves the Justice League (since our master's is in Peace and Justice Studies). Here we are posing together with the real Justice League in the background:
We had our own type of graduation ceremony after the long day of presentations. Here we are sharing mushy sentimental things about our classmates:
I won this coloring book for winning the award, "Most likely to be turned into a cartoon character," because apparently I am very expressive and make funny faces.
I will miss my regular interactions with these people immensely. I could not have asked for a better group of people to go through this year with. I look up to each one of them in so many ways and have a deep love and appreciation for every one of them.

I finish this post with a heavy heart.

(Pictures courtesy of Greg.)


  1. Love you sis. Congrats. It all seems like a little premature celebration though if you ask me, you haven't yet received your report card have you? Good luck with that, hope you catch it before mom does.

  2. you guys are funny. We were so honored to share the day with you Brooke. So proud!!!! We know she always gets straight A's anyways.
    Stop hitching Trav!! You scare me. Cars are o.k. Convenient and safe. i know its not politically correct to say so, but stop trying to save the world.
    love you both, mom

  3. I love your mom's comment!! Congrats, Brooke!! And by the way, you ARE the cartoon character. I think you have more facial expressions than anyone else I know!

  4. Loved your post Brooke! I had a wonderful last day with everyone...tiring yet rewarding. Miss you and hope you are doing well!