Friday, August 14, 2009

Changing the World

We talked a lot in Costa Rica about being an active member of society, living in a way that perpetuates peace and limits injustice, vs. being a passive member of society, merely standing by as injustice takes place in the world around us. Some of the injustices that come to my mind as I think about this are poverty, lack of opportunity, disparity in income, discrimination. The list is probably unfortunately endless. I am still reflecting upon how I live my life and what simple things I could do to be more active instead of passive. I really liked this quote from one of our week's readings:

"Instead of solidarity and fighting for justice, we would sit back and wait for a better world without work, without efforts, without conquests, without sacrifices... But it shall become a reality if we pray, only by our pure and sincere desire of changing the world. As Paulo Freire taught us, changing the world is urgent, difficult, and necessary. But in order to do so, we need to know, read the world, understand the world, not only scientifically but emotionally, and above all, become involved in it, organizationally."
-Pedagogy of the Earth and Culture of Sustainability
by Moacir Gadotti

Something to think about.

And here are some butterflies from Costa Rica:

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  1. Wow Brooke, love the quote and love the beautiful butterflies. and love you. mom