Friday, July 24, 2009

Huaraz, Peru

Our last stop before heading back to Lima was Huaraz, which is home to the highest mountains in South America. The range is named the Cordillera Blanca and is a part of the Andes. Unfortunately, we had to leave Huaraz a day earlier than we planned because there were more scheduled transportation strikes and we couldn't risk possibly missing our flight out of Lima to Los Angeles. The transportation strikes in this country are quite inconvenient, but the beauty and intrigue found within Peru makes up for its inconveniences.
Laguna Querococha:

The ancient city of Chauvin was built in 1200 B.C. and is the earliest known ruins in Peru. These people were a part of the pre-Incan cultures that resided in the region. This temple was built about 2700 years before the Incan ruins that are more famous. The similar style of architecture is apparent, which clearly later influenced the Incans.

One captivating part about these ruins is that you can actually go inside of them. The Chauvin people built inside tunnels, rooms, and prisons, which are open to visitors like me:
Laguna Llanganuco:

P.S. We are at home in the United States now, after arriving safely last night in Los Angeles at about midnight. Glad to be back.

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  1. Brooke! Your pictures are gorgeous! You both looked like you were cropped in...they are just that perfect!