Monday, June 1, 2009

We Have Arrived

I sit in our host family’s living room as I write this post. Matt and I will be in Granada, Nicaragua for three weeks taking Spanish classes.

Our Schedule:
Desayuno con familia (Breakfast): 7:30 am
Escuela (school): 8 am-12 pm
Almuerzo con familia (Lunch): 12:30 pm
Cena con familia (Dinner): 6:30 pm
Otro tiempo (other time): walking the streets, doing homework, taking photos, writing in my journal, reading, conversing, playing cards with the husband

Granada is the oldest colonial European city in the Americas. The buildings showcase vibrant colors in their painted exterior, the people are friendly enough, and the beer is cheap and a refreshingly cool respite in the heat. I think I will enjoy myself here for the next three weeks, wearing tank tops and skirts every day, trying to practice and improve my Spanish, and getting to explore a new culture as Matt and I eat our meals and spend our nights in the beautiful home of our new host family.

Travel and I have an interesting relationship. As I plan a trip for the far off future, my heart races in anticipation of what is to come. But then as the travel day approaches, I become increasingly nervous and wonder what continuously draws me to international travel and this stepping out of my comfort zone. But that first day in a new country is like falling in love with travel all over again. As I walk in unfamiliar streets, and experience new sights and new people, I find an inner joy that just makes me smile. And I remember why I am always drawn back to this relationship.

Cheers with a Tona, the oh so popular lager of Nicaragua:

My new favorite man. He was reading like this for over an hour:


  1. Brooke! i'm so glad to hear you have arrived and are doing well. Great to see photos already!! love you and stay safe.

  2. Great! Missing you guys already but looking forward to your pictures and stories! Adios!

  3. Su photagraphias estan muy bonita. Yo soy muy contento para tu y tu esposa. Ojala ustedes tiennen un vacationes perfecto. Y cuando to regresa a la Estados Unidos, tu Espanol es mucha mas buena. Granada es muy bonita. Diga "Hola" a tu amigo leyendo. Adioa. (Los Siento pare mi gramatica en Espanol)

  4. Great photos, lovely town! I can sure relate to your enjoyment of travel.

  5. Otra commento. Cuando tienes tiempo, yo quiero saber mas de la familia con quiene tu vives. tienes ninos?

  6. Hi guys,
    It's Cyndi on Kaylin's laptop. So happy to hear that you are at your destination and getting adjusted. I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing about your many exciting experiences. Love you and I will see in 3 weeks.
    Other Mom

  7. I'm so jealous! It looks amazing there! Miss you guys!

  8. It looks great! sooo, jealous.