Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Favorite Day of the Trip So Far and Some of My Favorite Pictures

Un Gran Festival!

This past Sunday, there was a typical Nicaraguan festival in Granada. It usually only happens once a year in August, but the city of Granada won some type of contest, so they were able to have this extra festival in June.

The streets were lined with makeshift bars. The company was entertaining. The conversation lively. The traditions enjoyable. The horses beautiful. The locals friendly. The children joyful. The music loud. It was one of those days where you just live and you are happy for that.

The parade started at two in the afternoon with a non-stop flow of horses and bands walking through the city for about four hours. The party went into the night, and the day ended nicely as we sat in a bar watching the Lakers win in overtime. Not to worry, I haven’t forgotten my roots.

Like the title says, this was my favorite day of the trip so far.

The typical dancing lady that one sees throughout the country. Apparently, she represents one of the first colonial women:

And then, I got to be in the parade for a minute. What a joy!

And I met this new friend:


  1. Who is the cute senora on the gray horse? Happy Anniversary.

  2. You look real cute on that horse. How cool to be a part of a parade in a far away land. Did anyone throw flowers at you? I love the pictures of your favorite day so far.
    Learn a lot and have a great time.
    See you in a couple of weeks.
    Bye for now,

  3. kate and i agree that you are the best!! and that last picture with your 'new friend' proves it.

    we miss and love you both.

  4. i am in love with the picture of you and your new friend! She's pretty!heheh