Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Class

Yesterday was my last class I will have at the School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego with my fourteen fellow cohortees. The workload is not done- still a presentation and two large papers due next week, but the class time is over. It was bittersweet. Glad to see a relief of stress coming in the near future, but sad that I will no longer get to discuss with, learn from, and be inspired by this amazing group of people that I have seen most days of my life these past ten months. I am sure that the inspiring and learning will not stop between us, but it won't happen with regular interaction anymore. The in-person relationships will naturally become ones through email as people move back home, enter into the workforce (fingers crossed!), and hopefully put into practice some of the things we have been learning. We still have a summer left with five units of coursework to complete, but all of us won't be in a class together again. I will definitely miss these people who have been an integral part of my formation and learning this past year:

Our last class was six hours long, so we had mimosas and red wine and delicious potluck food:
Serena and Cassidy
My Dutch brother Wilco and I (he lived with Matt and I for the first two weeks he was in San Diego):

My Ugandan brother Wadri and I (our birthdays are on the same day, so he only refers to me as twin, which sounds more like "tween" with his accent):
Tears of sadness at leaving our classroom (room 214) for the last time:
Qiuwan from China, Leah from Canada, Wadri from Uganda

The biggest winners and losers of the ecological footprint contest for our environmental justice class with our prizes:Happy times:
Serena, Jill, Sangita from Nepal, and Anu
Marcia, Tanya, and Kristen

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