Thursday, February 26, 2009

Updates on Bosnia Trip, Part 2

In two weeks, I will be in Bosnia.

Current weather in Bosnia: 39°F

Number of emails I have sent out trying to set up meetings with people outside of the conference I will be attending: 41

Number of meetings I have set up:
2 tentative meetings with people doing peace work around education

2 tentative meetings with people who are just willing to hang out

So hopefully I won't be too freezing and I will have some great people to talk to when I travel here:

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  1. hey there! i want to suggest a reading, although i'm sure you have tons to read already and have very little to do so; however, i think if you are unable to read it, you might find the author's bio of interest. he is from Croatia, a christian, and prof of theology at Yale, where his primary focus is reconciliation. The book is _Exclusion and Embrace_. It gives a wonderful account of his story along with the difficult perspective of reconciliation in the face of reality coupled with the an understanding of the cross. I haven't read all of it yet, but so far i've found it to be an excellent register regarding otherness and ideas of inclusion.

    if you're interested but find that you have little time to read him or no access, google scholar Miroslav Volf pdf, and you're bound to find several articles to fit your fancy.

    miss you and am soooooo proud of you. Bosnia is such a variegated culture whose beauty has been buried by the myopic view of its inhabitants that once they change the focus on their lens i do think it's possible there might be some sort of reconciliation. however, and unfortunately, this will take time and divine providence more than mere human diligence. i think you will find your time there a confluence of hope and despair, use both to inform your pursuits--they are both needed to change the damage we inflict in this world.