Friday, February 6, 2009


I am going to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

On Wednesday night it became official when I purchased my plane ticket (paid for by my school).

This is the main reason why I haven’t posted in awhile. My thoughts have been filled with trying to plan this trip.

Last week, I met with my professor in the School of Peace Studies, and she showed me her invitation to a conference in Bosnia and asked if I would be interested in attending in her place. Here is what the invitation said:

“Since 2006, Save the Children has embarked on a global campaign, Rewrite the Future, to bring more attention to the 37 million children out of school in conflict-affected fragile states. In 2008, we began to focus on building consensus on the linkages between children’s education and sustained peace. Through expert forums, school events, a joint letter campaign with 31 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, and advocacy at many government levels across more than 50 countries, we have sought to bring this issue into new focus.

Together with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Save the Children invites you to an international conference, hosted by the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to explore “Where Peace Begins: The Pivotal Role of Education for Lasting Peace" on March 11-12, 2009 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. We are inviting mediators and peace practitioners, government representatives, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, education authorities and experts, UN and civil society, to this conference to strengthen the coordination of, and commitment to, international efforts to integrate education in peace making processes. We will seek to examine why education needs to be prioritized in peace processes, how quality education promotes peace, and education’s role in peace mediation.

We believe the ideas and suggestions brought forth in this dialogue will contribute in a substantive way to making progress in the prioritization of education in peace negotiations, and in the building of peace in conflict-affected areas and post-conflict situations. Most immediately, there will be an opportunity to contribute the conclusions to the March 2009 UN General Assembly thematic debate on education in emergencies.”

Just a little background:
I learned about Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign last semester as I was doing research for a paper. It combines my two of passions, peace and education, in a very effective and meaningful way. As I read more about it, I decided that working for that campaign would be one of my dream jobs. I shared information with my family about it, and we donated money to the campaign in lieu of buying Christmas presents this year. In addition, I am hoping to write my capstone project that I have to do this summer on education and conflict, so this would contribute to my research for that. With all of that said, I am excited for the opportunity to be able to be a part of this conference. I feel quite honored and under qualified.

I leave on Sunday, March 8 and return on Monday, March 16. If anyone has any contacts in Bosnia, I would greatly appreciate you sending me the information. I am hoping to set up meetings with NGOs, schools, and/or non-profit organizations around the conference.


  1. Are you kidding me?!!! This is SO exciting!! I have a feeling March is going to be an all around good month :)

  2. this is awesome!!! i think i might have an excellent contact for you, Trent! you met trent when you visited us up here for our first Thanksgiving -- he was The Rotary Club (i think) fellow at CAL in Peace and Conflict studies; his thesis was a look at education in areas of conflict, especially IDPs. As well, just before he arrived here at CAL he had spent some time in Bosnia, so he might have not only know a contact or two, but some info that you might find important. I do remember during a class on memory and atrocities and genocide he was quite informative when we looked at that conflict. so, if you're interested let me know and i'll give you his email.

    so excited and EXTREMELY jealous.

  3. Hey, Brooke. Thanks for your commitment to pray on Wednesday. We so appreciate it. I'm from SD. We should all get together sometime when I'm in town. It looks like you and Meggan are friends. She also commented on my blog today. My email's on the blog. Thanks again!

    All the best to you!


  4. Hey brookie!! OH how i miss your lovely face! i found your blog and it looks like God has truly placed favor your way in guiding you on this new adventure!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to read more! love ya friend

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