Monday, January 5, 2009

A Week of Reflections on 2008

Happy 2009 everyone.

My 2008 summarized in words:
being a teacher, becoming a student, good-byes, introductions, travel, death, love, family, community, faith, running, writing, reading, new possibilities, transition.

Last night at church Rick asked us to reflect upon and share about our year individually and as a spiritual community. Some people reflected upon money, because our church community spent about four months over the summer discussing how our faith should impact how we spend money and what we don’t spend money on. Others reflected upon “calling,” which now that I think about it, I am not even sure what that means- what does it really mean to be “called” to something? Throughout all of the different reflections, I really had nothing to say. There were a bunch of thoughts floating around in my head, but no coherent way to express any of them, so I knew that I needed to reflect through writing. In the past three weeks that I haven’t had school, I began blogging about things that were more personal rather than just “peace and justice” oriented, which of course, is the title of the blog. I am not really sure how I feel about putting personal feelings on the internet, but I think that I am at a point where I need feedback from others and an outlet. I start school again today, but have decided to commit this next week to more personal blogging. Over the past couple of weeks, I have missed this blog as I have been away from my computer, and realized that it has become a sort of creative channel for me, even though my creativity is quite limited. This next week will be a week of blog posts reflecting on 2008. It might end up looking like complete incoherence vomited on your computer screen, so I apologize ahead of time, as I can already foresee that I am lacking in logical thoughts at this moment in life, and that I have many more questions than answers.

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