Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I Have Learned So Far in Class…

Is mostly about syllabi!

I will be reading over 400 pages a week.
I will be writing over 100 pages throughout the semester.

I can’t wait! (Which is really just a euphemism for: How the heck am I going to manage that?)

My classes this fall:
International Justice and Human Rights
Peace and Justice in World Politics
Comparative Religious Ethics
Conflict Theory and Analysis

On another note…

My friend Greg left a comment about a previous post, asking what I brought to share that represents humanity to me. I brought this picture that hangs in my house:

It is a picture of a school in Nepal that I took when Matt and I traveled there last summer. First, it is special to me because I took it, which is unique, because Matt loves photography and so he is always the one with the camera in our relationship. Second, I am really passionate about youth and education, and this embodies that for me. Lastly, I feel drawn to the expressions on the girls’ faces. I love how one girl is smiling and another is looking longingly off into the distance. To me, that’s humanity.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the photo, Brooke, and for all of your sharing in the blog. Wow! 400 pages of reading articles and textbooks each week! that's alot alright! As you do your writing I would enjoy seeing anything you think might interest someone else outside of your class if you felt like sharing it.