Monday, September 22, 2008

Social Justice Organizations

During our first week of school, we met various representatives of different organizations that work to promote social justice here in San Diego, nationally, and internationally. There are various things you could do with this information:
1) Read it to learn more about social justice issues and what people in the field are doing.
2) Click on the link to connect to their website to learn even more.
3) Sign up to receive a newsletter from an organization if it is something that interests you.
4) Volunteer if you are really feeling ambitious.

Here are some of the organizations we learned about:

Barrio Logan College Institute

In Barrio Logan, a neighborhood a little south of where I live, only 1.5% of adults over age 25 have a college degree. This means that many kids in the community lack role models who are college graduates. The BLCI tries to create a college going culture in the community through their program, which provides academic support through tutoring, a writing curriculum, and classes on college. The BLCI really wants people to sign up to receive their newsletter, because all their funding is through private donations, and the more people that receive the newsletter, the more likely private donors will keep giving money. They also need local volunteers as tutors.

Survivors of Torture
This organization specifically helps torture survivors in San Diego. They estimate that there are more than 11,000 survivors living in this city. They help torture victims work on their psychological and physical health, in addition to assisting with legal and social services.

International Rescue Committee
This organization helps victims of war and refugees. 80% of their work is done overseas, and they are involved in 30 countries. They have local programs in San Diego, which include an after school tutoring program in City Heights, English education classes, and a job placement program. They need local volunteers as tutors.

Catholic Relief Services
Five areas of work:
1) Relief work- refugee relief, emergency relief
2) Agriculture
3) Health- clean water, sanitation, AIDS
4) Economic development- microfinance, especially with women
5) Peacebuilding- education especially for women, teacher training, curriculum development
This organization is international and is involved in numerous countries abroad.

If you know of other organizations locally or globally that are working to promote social justice, please share them and I will add them to my list.

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  1. Hi, Brooke,

    Thanks for your work. I'd like to mention the Institute for Humane Education ( as an important organization working for social justice for all people, animals and the planet. We also have links in our Resource Center to other organizations working for positive change.


    Marsha Rakestraw
    Web Content/Community Manager
    Institute for Humane Education