Saturday, September 27, 2008

The First Debate

Our first debate party

The debate last night was an interesting one. I thought both sides did well presenting their point of view in an intelligent manner, which would be a nice change for the office of the presidency. Most analysts seemed to say that it was a tie, but if there were a winner it would have been Obama. Hopefully voters can make an educated decision based on which side they agree with on pertinent issues. Here is what I saw as the main differences between each side based on what they said in the debate:

  • No tax increases for those making under $250,000.
  • Tax cuts for 95 % of people.
  • Blames financial crisis on 8 years of Bush’s failed economic policies.
  • Isn’t sure if he will vote for $700 billion plan.
  • Three most important things: energy independence, fix health care system, a competitive education system.
  • Wants to have a time line for withdrawal from Iraq.
  • Sees the war in Iraq as a place where we could cut spending, because we are spending $10 billion per month.
  • Thinks we should focus more on Afghanistan.
  • Iran: tougher sanctions, direct diplomacy, wants to talk with leaders.
  • Wants to cut taxes for corporations.
  • Wants low taxes for all, including the rich.
  • Said he will sign $700 billion plan.
  • The most important thing: cut spending (yet Obama pointed out McCain agreed with Bush 90% of the time on spending).
  • Thinks we are winning the war in Iraq and must stay until our soldiers can come home as victors.
  • Thinks putting a timetable on the end of the war is dangerous.
  • Would not talk to leaders in Iran without strict preconditions.
  • Regarding Iran, he is concerned about Israel and the possibility of a second Holocaust.
I am interested to hear what you thought. Remember, the next debate is on Thursday and is a vice presidential one. We will be hosting another debate party. Let me know if you would like to come.

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  1. I'm there this Thursday!

    Unfortunately I missed the debates. But from what I read they turned out like I thought they would.

    Missed you guys at Critical mass, it was a pretty good one.