Hi, my name is Brooke and I live in San Diego, California. I am mother, teacher, traveler, runner, hiker, explorer of my own city, and social justice seeker. For me, this blog has been a space to process different seasons of life through writing and photography. I have come to learn throughout the years that it benefits me so much to take time out of the busyness of life to pause, take it all in, and appreciate the everyday. I notice a big difference between seasons of life where I really taking time to seek and find joy and practice gratitude and those where I let myself get overwhelmed. Life is really beautiful when we take the time to notice it. I love capturing moments through my camera lens, because it helps me focus on the beauty and joy, and when I take time to do that, I find I have more to give. 


This space has been different things at different times. Currently, I use this blog to document the little and big things in life that bring me joy and my journey as a mother. I started this blog in September 2008 when I began grad school as an outlet to process my experience getting my master's degree in Peace and Justice Studies at the University of San Diego. Once I graduated and got another teaching job, this blog fell to the wayside. In the winter of 2011, during a particularly dark season I picked it up again and began documenting my search for joy. Since then, it has been a place for me to do just that, helping me to find joy in life's little moments and to keep a positive perspective on life through both joyful and more challenging seasons. In 2013, when I became pregnant, I documented my growing belly and wrote weekly letters to the baby who would join our family, and in 2014, when he was born, it became a place where I documented the life transformation that happens when one becomes a parent. 

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